What is a Fractional Marketer?

Read to learn how can you find the right one

A fractional marketer is a marketing strategist who works with you and your team to develop and execute marketing strategies designed to grow your business. Think of them as strategic, part-time hires, which is how the “fractional” part fits in. Often companies will hire fractional CMOs to help set up their marketing teams, but you don’t always have to look for an executive level marketer to get your marketing on the right track.

What should you look for in a fractional marketer?

Someone who can be both a marketing strategist and executer

Sounds a little specific, right? Well, it is a speciality. A good fractional marketer should have the right blend of strategy and execution.

You need someone who can help you set up your marketing team and develop the right strategy to achieve your business goals, but who can also help you execute those plans or find someone who can.

Someone who is a curious and detail-oriented

Your fractional marketer will be balancing finding the the best marketing opportunities for your company while also getting marketing campaigns up and running. They should love to ask questions while also recommending the best ways to stay focused and keeping you on track and on budget.

Someone you want to work with and be around

If you’re ready to invest some of your budget into hiring this person, you should plan to spend a good amount of time with them getting them up to speed on your business, customers and goals. You’ll want to do this with someone you like spending time with! Even if they have all the right credentials, if you don’t get along with them, odds are you won’t get the most out the relationship.

How is a fractional marketer different from a general freelancer or an agency?

The goal of a fractional marketer is to help you achieve your business goals through marketing strategy and execution. That’s not to say agencies or freelancers don’t help you do that (they absolutely do!), but the fractional marketer works differently.

They are embedded into your team and act as strategist, project manager and sometimes, executor. They help you identify the areas where you can be more efficient and help point out where you should should be spending your marketing time and budget. They also can act as a the go-between with consultants and agencies. You often hire them to help define what you need from a freelancer or agency and they can help you get the most of the relationship.

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